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Message Your Clients With Video

Get Response Email Marketing says that from over 800,000 emails sent from GetResponse Pro accounts, emails with video received 5.6% higher open rates on average and 96.38% higher click-through rates than emails without video.



DVD Promotional Video

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Business Promotional Video


Website Animation Video
Product Demonstration Videos
The QuickGuide promotional video made for Irish language company Gaelchultúr is a very simple video but has been one of the most successful marketing tools for Gaelchultúr. The video is the main advertising vehicle for the product and has increased sales by over 50%!

The video has over 260,000 Youtube views and views are still rising..

Viral Video
MediaConnect worked as part of the documentary team filming the Gannon Cup on St Patrick's Day 2011. We used the festival atmosphere as an opportunity to involve the spectators by encouraging the public to record the race themselves, upload their footage to MediaConnect and follow on Facebook to be kept up to date on the documentary progress.
Sound Recording
Its hard to believe this video was filmed on a busy day in a public park in Dublin's city centre, but its easy to see why the crowds who gathered to watch us filming fell silent when you listen to the  talented Lily Neill.

MediaConnect's Stuart can take a little of the credit for the perfect sound in this video. Have a listen..