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On 18, Feb 2014 | In Canadian generic zithromax | By mcadmin

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Using video to promote your product or brand online is becoming increasingly important.

Video advertising as opposed to traditional print advertising is cost effective, once your video is produced and uploaded to the web, that single video can be:

  • Posted on your website
  • Shared on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Sent to present or prospective clients via email newsletters
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  • Video is search engine friendly
  • Uploading a video to Youtube exposes your product or brand not only to an Irish audience, but to 800 million monthly users worldwide
  • Sharing a video on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter is free
  • Including video in your digital marketing campaign can increase sales by up to 50%

According to a report by PwC and IAB Ireland, the only segment of the Irish market set again for double digit growth over the period (2012-2016) will be internet advertising, at 15.4% CAGR. In 2011, the Irish internet advertising market was valued at US$187 million (based on the annual study of the industry conducted by PwC on behalf of IAB Ireland), and this is predicted to grow to US$383 million in 2016. This will position internet advertising as the largest advertising channel in Ireland, representing almost 30% of the total 2016 advertising market.

The following are the UK IAB’s digital advertising spend figures, which include online, mobile and tablets, showing details of the full year 2012.

Key findings:

  • Video up 46% to £160m; social media up 24% to £328m.
  • Mobile spend crosses half billion £ mark; now accounting for 10% of digital spend.
  • Digital advertising up £607m; mobile driving over half this growth.
  • FMCG overtakes Finance as biggest digital display advertiser.

This tracking study, dating back to 1997, represents the official industry figures and acts as the barometer for the health of the market.



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Online Video – Quality is Critical

On 22, Jun 2011 | In Canadian generic zithromax | By mcadmin

It should be established by now that there are currently clear benefits in using online video content to communicate with your customers.  Furthermore, it will not come as a shock to you that the video content you are putting out there should be of a high quality.  However, it is important to investigate exactly what we believe to be quality video and how it can be achieved.

We won't be undertaking a study into what quality itself is - you can read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for that.  Rather we'll be looking at user expectations, technical requirements and how extremely easy it is to get these all horribly wrong and the consequences to your brand.


Getting stuck right in..  Sound quality is paramount - your dialogue contains your message and expresses character through the actor or voiceover (VO) artist whereas suitable music or effects can introduce a relevant mood.  These elements are all necessarily of a high standard to ensure your viewer continues viewing, and has a favorable perception of your product impressed upon them

To achieve good sound you need, in a nutshell, professional quality microphones of a type suitable for the shoot, positioned correctly.  The audio must be recorded onto a high quality digital recording device in an uncompressed format to eliminate noise and to retain the original quality.  It's necessary to be familiar with the recording device in order to set the recording format and levels correctly. If any of these factors are compromised at all, the viewer will immediately be aware and they will probably move on.


An iPhone shoots HD video right?  Your little handicam has a tripod adaptor, can we shoot on that?  Absolutely this will not do.  A better quality video in the right hands can be shot on a 10 year old video camera than on a modern camera in the hands of an amateur.  Also, using a brand new device does not mean the light passing through its lens will be of any use to you or the poor editor who has to work with it.

There are so many boxes to tick here and considerations to explore.  Your camera should have a high quality lens or your footage will be fuzzy, dark, the colours will be drab and poor overall.  A good tripod is necessary to ensure a stable image when necessary, and smooth pans when called for.  A wobbly image or jerky pan will destroy the quality of your video.


Again, a whole world of clamps, bulbs, filters, gels to contend with.  But it all boils down to the art of making sure your subject is lit well, which means ensuring there are no unflattering shadows and they are neither too dark nor too bright.  Using the correct lighting kit is important, particularly when mixing daylight with artificial light, or you might find your blue sky looks great but your interviewee has turned green.


Almost every computer in the world now has an application installed to edit video.  But this doesn't mean that everyone who takes advantage of this fact is producing great videos.  iMovie and Movie Maker are great but professional packages such as Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro are expensive for a reason and their users study those applications and take exams for a reason, which is that they are very flexible, powerful and riddled with features that enhance and enrich the end product.

We hope this has given you some insight into the complexities of video production, and some pointers on how to get it right if you decide to do it yourself.  However, of course we're recommending that the best course of action is to outsource the production to a company who specialises in online video production.  They should be able to take your current branding guidelines and incorporate them into any new video content so it seamlessly integrates with your existing website content.


The good..

The bad..

The ugly..

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