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Online video

Online Video SEO

YouTube, probably the best known video sharing site online today receives over 5,000,000 hits a month from Ireland alone and uploading a video to YouTube also means you can share it on  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn in fact anywhere on the web!

The search engine Google recently announced changes to the way it ranks content, pages/sites now ranked highest are sites publishing original content which is relevent and interesting. One way Google do this is by taking note of social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. The ‘Like” button introduced first on Facebook closely followed by YouTube and soon to be introduced on Google itself as the +1 button, enables the viewer to vote on content and is seen as a public stamp of approval.

Screenshot of online video in Facebook with Like button

The pace at which people are uploading videos to social media sites is growing quickly. A good quality video can now be easily shared across a network of social media sites by anyone with an internet connection. If the video is ‘liked’ or receives positive feeback in the form of ‘comments’ together with proper titling and tagging an online video may well outrank its normal text based site.

Screen shot of online video in Google search ranking above its websites

The example used is an online product demonstration video for Irish college Gaelchultúr which Real norvasc recently produced. The video showcases the product ‘Quickguide Irish Grammar’. Within 4 minutes the viewer has seen the guide, its unique design, its size, its branding, they’re shown how to use the guide, given examples as to who might use the guide and given an online link where they can purchase the guide. After only 3 weeks online the video had already received over 3,000 views. Published in January 2011, QuickGuide Irish Grammar is Gaelchultúr’s fastest-selling product.
Link here to watch the video.

Screenshot of video shared on YouTube with over 3,000 hits

This is a clear example of how effective online video can be for Irish businesss.