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Online Video Production

The average visitor to a text and image-based website lasts about 43 seconds; for a website - using video, the average visit lasts 5 minutes and 50 seconds!

Online video production can seem like a daunting task, but it's not, if you sell a product or service in your business you will be aware that you need to explain its key features to a potential client.

If it's a product you will usually demonstrate how the product works and emphasise it's key features, if its a service you might use a brochure or photographs/illustrations to communicate.

Using video to do this and perhaps selling your product online, opens the door to a whole world of potential clients you could never hope to reach from an office or shop alone! Purchasing prednisone with next day delivery

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  • We work with you to establish a transparent, user-friendly script, which represents your company at its best.
  • We  storyboard your script, creating a shot list for filming on the day and we establish a suitable location for filming. 
  • We edit your video together adding relevant titles and motion graphics where necessary.
  • Finally we upload your finished video to Youtube where you can share it on your website and freely on other Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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